What is expected of us when we live? Really, this is a serious question. How do we know what we want to do for the rest of our life without being able to experience a little of everything. Are we just expected to find something we really like and put it on the dartboard of life and try and aim as close as we can? I like to read and learn but I also like to cook and talk but i do not want to be a cooking instructor. I love paradoxes and perplexities of science (especially physics) but i do not want to have a career in theoretical science. What do you want to be when you grow up? From preschool to college, it is a question that many ask and are asked. What if we never grow up or alternatively what if we never get to that point of receiving what we wanted? We follow what everyone tells us to do; we get good grades, and we go to college. Of course this is good but then we have to deal with this ultimate gamble with the utmost confidence. Face the chances of getting into not only your graduate school or work position but getting into the rest of your life with a stone face. Of course we have friends and others to help us but, when it comes down to it, we are responsible for the consequences to come. This is the real Boogey Monster of college and this is what every student thinks about. In the end, we should take a page from our predecessors’ books. They had similar pressures and look they still are here and while some may have fallen on rough times they are still here to live and tell us of their time and past. So again i ask what is expected of us when we live? To fear for our lives but in doing so build up friendships, learn from everyone and live without regret. Most importantly, know that one day we will make it out with fond memories and scars but we will make it out alive and calm the next generation from their fears.